Baylor University: An Institution With A Mission

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Baylor University: An Institution With A Mission

Gianna Maglaya, Writer

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Baylor has a far reaching mission to educate students for worldwide leadership and altruistic service by integrating both academic excellence and Christian commitment in a caring community.

At Baylor, students perspicaciously challenge themselves to think beyond the classroom by actively participating in domestic and global research, engaging in study abroad opportunities and utilizing the university’s resources to lay the groundwork for a successful future. Unlike many other colleges and universities with limited resources, all Baylor students can involve themselves with so many avenues that could produce future employment.

Baylor’s innovative programs offer strong academic challenges and room to explore almost any career path. With a comprehensive curriculum, it offers more than 140 baccalaureate programs in fields as varied as business, engineering, nursing, pre-medicine, music, and computer science, along with 74 master’s programs, 34 doctoral programs, and two education specialist programs.

Nevertheless, Baylor instructors and administrators work closely with students to keep the learning process personal. An impressive 92% of classes full time faculty members teach, and exceptionally well-prepared doctoral students with astute perspicuity teach the rest. With an average 26 student class size and a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio, enrolled students quickly develop a strong, working relationship with each of their instructors.

Baylor places highly as a competitive learning and incisive research environment. Therefore, admission officers carefully review, yet holistically evaluate each student’s academic history.

Although they look closely at standardized test scores and grade point averages, still admission officers look for other indicators for college success. Students should also include recommendation letters, short answer responses, and a resume’ with their admission applications.

Baylor looks for shrewd students who prefer challenges and feel motivated about intellectual activity, value faith and personal calling, and have engaged in projects outside the classroom. Students should recognize life, learning, and service continue after their college years.

In summary, they prefer students who will gain the most from a Baylor experience, yet reciprocally return their achievements and talents to their communities. They should have a demonstrated interest in functioning as a Baylor Bear, and they should comport themselves spiritually, academically, and financially.

They recommend that high school graduates have completed the following coursework: four years of English, two years of the same foreign language, four years of math, including algebra 1, 2, and geometry, four years of natural science, and three years of social science, including at least on year of history.

Students–consider Baylor University for a holistic education!


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