Six Flags Over Texas: Thrilling Entertainment for Everyone

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Six Flags Over Texas: Thrilling Entertainment for Everyone

Odalys Pena, Writer

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Six Flags Over Texas, an amusement park located in suburban Arlington, provides residents around the state with revelling thrills and exciting times. Expanding over 212 acres, the park houses over 40 rides to entertain every family member.

In the 1950’s, Angus G. Wynne Jr. had a dream to build a different entertainment arena for many families. He wanted larger sized parks filled with fun and thrill rides. Little did he know that his dream would come true and turn into Six Flags Over Texas.

The park opened on August 5, 1961 achieving the first official Six Flags Theme Park title. When the park opened, it had only six themed areas; Spain, Mexico, France, United States, Texas, and the Old South. These six flags that flew over Texas represented the six countries that truly impacted Texas history.

Currently, the park has ten themes within it. Adding to the six original themes, it now has Looney Tunes, DC Comics, The Tower Section, and The Oil Derrick as special areas.

Six Flags Over Texas has many iconic rides, such as Titan, the New Texas Giant, and the Texas Skyscreamer.

The Titan has a breathtaking 255 foot drop and reaches a roaring speed of 85 miles per hour. The New Texas Giant, a steel hybrid coaster, will take riders on nearly a mile long trajectory at a speed of 65 miles per hour starting with a drop of 153 feet high. The Texas Skyscreamer spins riders up, down, and around a 400 foot tall tower.

Six Flags Over Texas, progressive with new ideas, yet attuned to guests’ desires,  soon plans on opening its 14th roller coaster called El Diablo. Thrilling, electrifying, and galvanizing, this new ride will propel riders forward and backward in a loop.

For an outstanding experience, visit Six Flags Over Texas soon!













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