Beekeeping: A Wonderful Hobby

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Beekeeping: A Wonderful Hobby

MacKenzie Sue, Writer

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Beekeeping, an occupation of cultivating and breeding bees for their honey, stands as a fascinating hobby, even in the 21st century. If interested people desire to begin keeping bees as a hobby, then they most likely would want to read more about apiculture science.

If a vendor happens to sell his or her home produced honey, the price ranges by the pound the seller offers. The average price of one pound of honey totals $12, while a five pound jar can cost up to $50.

Unlike some standard honey sold in usual grocery stores, many other exotic honey flavors exist in the marketplace. For instance, honey lovers can purchase orange blossom honey, blackberry honey, and wildflower honey, each with its own distinct taste.

Potential beekeepers should consider all of the variables that may affect honeybees, especially the weather. Moreover, bees do not produce honey in the winter time. Also, beekeepers must focus on their bees’ behavior because some can show aggression, while others act gentle.

An aspiring beekeeper also wants to think about their neighbors or nearby residents. A beekeeper should always consider people’s safety in the surrounding area because some can have an allergic reaction to bee stings and others may fear them..

Any beekeeper should also assume that bees will occasionally sting when handling them. When working with bees, these insects will tend to feel unsafe at times and use their stingers.

To pay for essential supplies, it will minimally cost beekeepers $250 dollars, not counting the starter box for wax foundation. A beekeeper would also want to purchase proper clothing, such as a bee veil (to protect their head),  gloves, and even some equipment, such as a hive tool and honey extractor.

Making honey will not occur easily because it takes up to 526 bees to produce one pound of honey, and the average honey bee will make about 1/12 teaspoons of honey within their lifetime.

Beekeepers can not only experience fun moments while practicing this hobby, but also can face possible problems and potential health hazards. Nevertheless, the Department of Agriculture encourages people to consider beekeeping as a business venture. Although primarily beekeepers produce honey, still owners can rent their bees to farmers to improve pollination and increase crop yields.

Beekeeping–a wonderful hobby and business venture for people of all ages!

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