Human Trafficking in Houston Texas

Sara Alvarez, Writer

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Houston, Texas, a busy and beautiful city, sadly ranked America’s number one city for human trafficking in 2016. Exploiters bring many people from different countries illegally to work as modern slaves in Houston and other major cities. Not only used for harsh labor, but also sex trafficking, this problem continues to increase daily.

Forced into difficult labor, many young underage girls from age 11 to 17  also must engage in sexual vices. This problem has encouraged many Texans to help these young women who experience abuse so they can find and create a new life for themselves, a better one with a higher living standard.

Unlike many cities, human trafficking manifests as a chronic problem in Houston because of its close proximity to the Mexican border, the world’s most crossed international border. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, ”more than 50,000 people are annually trafficked from foreign countries to Texas alone.”

For these smugglers to exploit and capture their prey, they introduce false hope of education and an overall better life in the United States. They lure these foreigners to leave their loving homes and sweet families by promising an outstanding  future with wealth and health.

Many of these human trafficking victims look for an opportune time to free themselves from these deceptive traffickers, and once they earn enough money, they will return to their families to help financially. Sadly, these people trust these guileful and wily smugglers and never return to their homes as they planned.

People may ask where all these women, children, and men stay held. Houston has many businesses, such as saloons, Mexican restaurants, and stores that keep these victims captive in their very own vicinity. They have them working against their will with forced labor, long hours, and low pay.

Many women, who can not put forth the hard struggle to work, unfortunately fall into the deplorable profession of prostitution. These women and young girls experience treatment like animals, having their bodies abused both physically and sexually every day.

Human trafficking and sex trafficking should never stand acceptable or legal. Minors, women, and men, -brought from different countries without consent, struggle everyday by experiencing  hurt from exploitative work in restaurants, bars, and stores, and they have to undergo despicable, prostitution behavior. Society needs strong awareness about this issue and change young aspiring human lives, a positive improvement that restores their dignity and self-worth.

Houston-stop all human trafficking now!


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