The Destruction of a Divided Government

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The Destruction of a Divided Government

Harrison Boyd, Writer

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On December 22, 2018, the U.S. government began its longest shutdown in history. The shutdown lasted until January 2019, starting the new year with a disgruntled government and uneasy citizens. People within the states believe that the shutdown only lengthened world suffering, as their financial security remained amiss since before Donald Trump earned his presidency.

The United States continues showing an unstable economy and a lack of financial responsibility. Residents live paycheck to paycheck, never accumulating enough money to enjoy the true incentives that life offers. Individuals show greed and live recklessly, never realizing that they continue draining their savings and accounts while enjoying their daily $5.00 Starbucks drink or monthly, $10.00 Netflix account.

Some government officials have comfortable lives, never stressing about their finances because of the empire that already supports them as a ¨safety net¨. They view others that struggle with financial instability as lazy workers which results in their poor conditions. When furloughed workers attempt to survive the consequences of  poor government policies and practices, they extend a dole of food stamps and welfare, but this only cripples citizens and makes them dependent.

Although people yearn for the ability to assign blame for the unfortunate, prolonged shutdown, still nothing exists as a new issue for the United States. People already relied on loans, food stamps, and church contributions. Sadly, many citizens state that when requesting financial assistance from their church, their pleadings remain ignored.

Ignoring those in distress represents a foul act, but churches lack adequate financial means to support other people.  If people began to closely monitor their money and cease unnecessary spending, then their penury would ease. The Trump administration and the government wield much power, but they lack control of the failing economy and the financial instability of many people that existed many years back, lasting to this day.

How can people help others experiencing hardship and poverty? Look to better humans’ lives and not to assign blame. One single shutdown creates nothing new for the world, but only prolongs American people’s past suffering .

Plant a garden! Put food into storage. Stay out of debt!

Henry David Thoreau stated in his classic work Walden,  “Simplify! Simplify, Simplify!”

Practice right living and the difficult times will produce minimal suffering.


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