Whitney Houston: A Singing Superstar

Adianez Gamez, Writer

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Whtney Houston–Greatest Love of All!

Whitney Houston, born in 1963, lived a popular, glamorous life, but suddenly died at age 48 in 2012. She married Bobby Brown on July 18, 1992, having one child with him named Bobbi. Bobbi Kristina Brown did not take her mother’s death well, receiving hospital care  for emotional trauma.

At  age  22, she released her debut album that reached number one on R&B and Pop Billboard. In 1986, she won her first Grammy award, winning for Best Pop Vocal Performance. In 1992,  Whitney reached her career’s peak as a superstar singer.

Instead of hiring a special musician to teach her voice tactics, Whitney had an opportune time to practice with her mother different vocal lessons, and sometimes they visited  nightclubs and sang together. At age 11, she began soloist performing in a church, and she learned to play piano. Whitney’s whole childhood centered upon music, having a mother that sang  at New Baptist Church.

In 1998, she sang a duet with Mariah Carey called ¨ When You Believe¨.  She also sang a duet with her husband Bobby called ¨My Love¨. Finally, singing with her idol Stevie Wonder, their song ¨We Didn’t Know¨ reached number 20 on the Billboard R&B song chart.

Exploring other interests, Whitney recreated a musical about an all girl performance called ¨Sparkle with Jordin Sparks¨.  She  could have  judged at The X Factor but passed away before this event took place.  After Whitney died, people said that humanity lost a musical legend, composing such excellent songs, touching people’s hearts.

Unlike some artists that have won only a few awards, she received over 400 laurels for her talented work. Known all around the world, almost everyone appreciated Whitney’s talent. She won 6 Grammys, 2 Emmys, 30 Billboard Music Awards, and many others, making her the only woman to have her albums number one for ten weeks.

Whitney Houston, an astounding singer and actress that tragically died so early in her life, did so much helping other people.








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