Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An Inspiring Musician

Alissa Obenhaus, Writer

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born on 27 January 1756 to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Mozart, and baptized as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, achieved fame as a highly productive and influential classical era composer.

Born in Salzburg, Germany, Mozart showed overwhelming playing ability from his early childhood. Playing at a professional level on keyboard and violin, he started composing at age five and performed before European royalty.

At 17, Mozart, engaged as a musician at the Salzburg court, grew tired of his average life, and traveled searching for a better position. After a visit to Vienna in 1781, he dismissed himself from his Salzburg position and embarked on a journey to a more wonderful life.

He chose to stay in the capital, where he gained fame, but lacked financial stability. During his final Vienna years, he composed many of his best known symphonies, concertos, and operas, and some parts of the Requiem, left largely unfinished because of his early death at age 35.

More than 600 works composed by Mozart include the most successful parts of his symphonic, operatic, chamber, concertante, and choral music. He ranks as one of the most memorable and popular classical composers for his influence on subsequent Western art music.

Unlike any other composer in musical history, Mozart had written in all the musical genres of his time and excelled in every one. His musical tastes and his musical expression range have made him the most diverse of all the composers. Many also say that his music, written to meet the specific tastes of particular audiences, has a special and unique sound.

Mozart’s music, with a natural flow, expresses many emotions such as joy and sorrow, while adding a little mystery. Although his health struggled during his last few living years, he still continued to make wonderful music for his audiences.

Amadeus Mozart–people still listen and love his music in modern times!




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