George Bush: The Brightest of a Thousand Points of Light

Harrison Boyd, Writer

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George Bush: ¨The brightest of a thousand points of light¨

Born on June 12th in 1924, George Bush lived a prospering life not only as a businessman, but also as a politician. Going through his formative years in Greenwich, Connecticut, George lived under two prestigious parents who loved him dearly and their community.

George´s parents birthed a sister to George, whom lived a short life. The young, Robin at age three suffered from leukemia, and doctors concluded that she had only a minuscule amount of time left in this life. Her parents sought medical attention for the child, but in the end, Robin passed and the Bush´s forever remembered her elated attitude regarding her life.

After graduating in 1942 from Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts, the late president joined the U.S. Naval Reserve where he fought vigorously in World War II. A short period after his 19th birthday, the training pilot received his pinned wings, earning the title as the youngest commissioned pilot in the given time.

Flying 58 combative missions during the war, George crashed into the sea when a Japanese adversary shot down his torpedo plane. Although the plane flew with fire enveloping it, George still continued to glide towards his target, a radio station. After successfully bombing it, he parachuted from his plane, and an American submarine rescued him.

While he remained behind on leave from his active duty, Bush married Barbara Bush, and then later had six children in their family. His military career completion in 1945 sparked an ambition to complete his education, and therefore, he attended Yale University, studying economics, graduating in 1948.

Bush moved his family to Texas following his graduation, and he held an oil company president position. He later pursued a political career in Texas, serving two House of Representatives terms. Even after two unsuccessful attempts to secure a Senate seat, Bush continued to strive for a lead role in politics.

Richard Nixon appointed Bush to the United Nations where he served as the U.S. ambassador from 1971 to 1973, earning the position as Republican Party chairman. Never belittling a person, George, when aware of the Nixon Watergate scandal, requested kindly that the incumbent president resign, and he did so two days later.

Losing his presidential bid to Reagan in 1980, Ronald decided to select Bush as his vice president. Holding the Republican presidential nominee title in 1988, the vice president defeated his challenger, MIchael Dukakis to claim a victory.

Serving as president from 1989 to 1993, Bush focused on foreign policy, while he improved U.S.-Soviet relations. Holding military authority, Bush initiated military operations in both Panama and the Persian Gulf. In 1989, the president claimed himself a victor in his efforts to remove the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega from power.

People claimed that Bush broke a promise of ¨no new taxes¨, when he raised tax revenues in an effort to close the budget deficit. Nevertheless,  he chose to not let it taint his Presidency. Bush lost his presidential position to Bill Clinton in 1992, but he befriended him soon after.

Bush never wavered when creating close relationships, even if it came after a failure.

Bush held a positive outlook throughout his life and after his political career. He continued to advocate for community needs, family, and his country. George Bush always emitted a loving personality.

George Bush: A beloved relative, father, and leader to this country.

As spoken by George Bush Jr., he now resides with his wife, Barbara and daughter, Robin; he soars the sky, once again, but now for eternity.

Rest in peace, Timberwolf.








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