Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Ludwig Van Beethoven

Savannah Trejo, Writer

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Ludwig Van Beethoven, a famous musician well known everywhere in the world, still stands as a remarkable composer for music lovers. A musical legend born December 1770 in Bonn, Germany, Beethoven’s father raised him with music knowledge because he held both composer and conductor titles. Unlike some musicians that have to learn on their own, his father taught him music fundamentals and encouraged him to pursue a career in it.

In 1778, Beethoven’s father had daringly distributed flyers around the city promoting Ludwig as a six year old pianist. These announcements caught people’s attention resulting in Ludwig’s first showcase concert sparking his passion for music. He availed himself when he began his studies at an opportune time with his most important teacher, Christian Neefe, who helped him write his first published musical composition in 1783.

Ludwig Beethoven obtained a legal judgment in 1789 requiring that half of his father’s salary support his two younger brothers. This took place owing to Beethoven’s father abusing alcohol and his mother’s  passing. He also contributed to his younger siblings by playing in the court orchestra.

Playing in the court orchestra brought success for Beethoven because he composed numerous works that demonstrated a growing range and a rising maturity in his arrangements. Although he never married or had children, still he prioritized his music and produced many symphonies, concertos, piano sonatas, violin sonatas, and opera masses. Rather than fading into obscurity, his career skyrocketed and brought him much popularity, and eventually he played his symphonies in his own concerts.

Although Beethoven relinquished conducting and performing in public in 1811, he still continued to compose and create more of his legendary music. Beethoven’s musical masterpieces still entertain people from all over the world. His unique style ranged from classical to romantic, while projecting and igniting strong emotions and profound passion.

Ludwig Van Beethoven, a brilliant musician that brought life from the heavens!




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