Ted Cruz–Holding a U.S. Senate Seat

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Ted Cruz–Holding a U.S. Senate Seat

Harrison Boyd, Writer

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Although born to his parents in Calgary, Alberta, Ted Cruz grew up in Texas. He attended two private high schools, attaining a valedictorian title in 1988. Holding much knowledge concerning all subjects and views about life’s challenges, Cruz excelled past any opposition or peer in his early life.

His diligent work prospered,  and he attended two highly, prestigious colleges. Cruz graduated from both Princeton University and Harvard School of Law. He also graduated cum laude, at the top of his class at Princeton.

Working as a clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in 1995, Cruz handled matters relating to the National Rifle Association and the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton. Cruz held a medley of positions within the government, creating and propelling a political force, attracting and displaying his many talents.

Combining with the Bush campaign in 1999 as a domestic political adviser for the then-Governor George Bush, Cruz advised him on many legal matters, government reform situations, and immigration issues. Having earned a strong reputation with the Bush family, an honor he truly treasures, Cruz assumed the role of Associate Deputy Attorney General within the U.S. Justice Department when Bush took office.

After many years of employment in the Bush administration, Cruz then returned to work with a private law practice, representing corporate clients. During his stint, he fought for clients at the Supreme Court, handling cases where the companies he represented received considerable sums of money awarded for reparations.

In 2013, Cruz gave a victory speech to claim his seat on the Senate floor. He ran for the Senate, earning a seat which he held until 2018. This Republican party nominee upset many opponents because his odds of winning seemed slim, but the Senator remained confident knowing that he held endorsements from many political votaries.

In 2018, Cruz held his bid for re-election against his opponent, Beto O´Rourke. This arduous campaign tested the state as Beto related to the working-people, holding many controversial beliefs regarding Texas and the country.

The Senator last week announced his second victory as he spoke to Texas about his plans for his next six years as Senator, a comprehensive program to lead the state into a prosperous future. The race remained close, but Cruz proved his worth to earn another term.

Ted Cruz, a history-maker that never fails to make Texas a better state!





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