AJ Mitchell: A Splendid Composer

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AJ Mitchell: A Splendid Composer

Connor Sesta, Writer

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AJ Mitchell, a gifted high school track star, enjoyed enduring activities at a young age. One arduous task involved promoting his musical career. He initially started posting on Instagram in 2013 and later expanding to full-cover posts on YouTube in January 2016.

Originally from Belleville, Illinois, he grew up alongside his sisters, Addy and Andrea. He moved to Los Angeles, California in early 2016 to further his music career. Featured on People‘s Magazine’s Snapchat story, AJ ranked in the top 15 of Instagram’s´Covers of Love Songs that will make you swoon¨.

He attained 330,000 Instagram followers, allowing many around the world to view his music.

AJ grew into a quite popular musician with a personality unlike others. He thanks social media for spreading his name. His ambitions grow daily as his followers and viewers receive insight on his music.

He plays musical instruments accompanied by his own voice. Although his family members faltered when attempting to support AJ´s musical career, he still trotted his path independently, knowing that success exists as a possibility for everybody.

One of his best songs called ‘The Girl You Used To Be’ held listeners’ interest because of the style and lyrics. Interviews occurred frequently following the phenomenal album’s release with fans questioning the mystery girl mentioned throughout the song.

AJ Mitchell took his first step in promoting himself with social media, creating an Instagram account in 2013. Like stars that shoot across the sky, he knew his success hinged on the presentation he provided on his pages. Therefore, Mitchell shared much of his personal life to show his care and affections.

AJ, residing in California, allowed many to access his talent by posting online videos and pictures. Mitchell never waivers when he dreams about pursuing a goal, and therefore, produced his successful music career. Although the word ¨support¨ remained absent throughout his rising career, AJ still held steadfast to his firm belief in creating a better world.

AJ Mitchell–determined and inspiring not only to his fans, but also the whole world!

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