Hugh Jackman: An Astounding Actor and a Real Life Wolverine!

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Hugh Jackman: An Astounding Actor and a Real Life Wolverine!

MacKenzie Sue, Writer

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Hugh Jackman, born as Hugh Michael Jackman, immigrated from Sydney Australia to New York. The Australian performer known mostly for his famous role as Wolverine has acted since first appearing in a production of Camelot playing King Arthur.

After graduating in 1991 from the University of Technology, Sydney, with a degree in communications, Jackman began working temporary jobs to pay for classes at the Actors Centre Of  Australia. Shortly after graduating in 1994, he landed his first role in a TV prison drama titled “Corelli” (1995) playing an inmate who begins a flirtatious relationship with his psychologist (played by Deborah Lee Furness) Jackman and Furness continued their relationship off screen.

The two married in 1996, eventually adopting their two children son Oscar Maximillian Jackman and daughter Ava Jackman.

Within time, Jackman procore his biggest role causing him to make his hollywood debut  as Wolverine in the hit film X-Men (2000) He also demonstrated his range of acting skills by appearing in romantic comedies, such as Someone Like You (2001) and Kate And Leopold (2001)

Before continuing his acting career as his famous role of Wolverine, Jackman debut his Broadway career as a singer-songwriter Peter Allen in the hit musical The Boy From Oz. Performing spectacularly in the Broadway musical caused him to land a tony award in 2004. Other Broadway debuts he made were A Steady Rain (2009) and The River (2014-2015). In addition, hosting the Tony Awards Show (2003-2005).

An astonishing actor both in Hollywood and on Broadway, Jackman returned to the big screen with Thriller/Mystery movie The Prestige casted as Robert Angier the witty illusionist. Acting in these astounding films caused him to influence a director to offer him a position to star in The Academy Awards Ceremony in 2009. Later that year, he reprises his role as The Wolverine in the prequel X-Men Origins Wolverine.

In 2012, directors and producers offered him a position in the movie musical Les Miserables playing Jean Val Jean, an escaped convict on the run for many years. Playing that role earned him a Golden Globe Award for his spectacular acting. Followed in 2013 he starred in the film The Wolverine based in japan showing his superheroes exploits.

That year, he also starred as the father of a missing girl in the film Prisoners.

Once again in 2014, Jackman appeared as Wolverine in X-Men Days Of Future Past. He then portrayed a pirate in the children’s film Pan (2015) He co-starred as a ski jumping coach in the inspirational film Eddie The Eagle (2016) about the performance of unlikely British skier Michael (“Eddie”) Edwards at the winter olympics.

In 2017, Jackman appeared in Logan the 10th film in which he portrayed Wolverine, and later that year, he portrayed P.T. Barnum in the movie musical The Greatest Showman.

Outside of acting, Jackman runs his own coffee company called Laughing Man coffee, gaining dozens of customers each day allowing all profit to go towards charity. While not acting or selling coffee, Jackman loves to go to the beach and swim daily.

In 2013, Jackman discovered that he had Basal Cell Carcinoma, a type of cancer due to lack of sunscreen. He had 6 surgeries in his nose removing the cancer and, he continues to fight it.

Hugh Michael Jackman, an astounding actor and a real life Wolverine.



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