Vanesa Espinoza: A Unique Wonderful Girl

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Vanesa Espinoza: A Unique Wonderful Girl

Adianez Gamez, Writer

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Vanesa Espinoza, a talented and beautiful young lady, will accomplish her goals by attending college and studying for a nursing career. Looking forward, Vanesa hopes to ultimately work as a psychiatrist, a rewarding career that helps people. Not one to remain unfocused, she diligently concentrates to accomplish her goals without yielding.

Her mother daily motivates her, helping her to achieve her dreams, telling her to try her best and to act responsible and caring. She always motivates her beautiful daughter to engage and overcome all conflicts because if  she does not, nobody will help her. Playing a big role in her life, her mother heartens and urges her daughter to perform better in both her life and career.

Coming from a Mexican family, she has many different ways to celebrate holidays. She loves spending time with her family, annoying them and always fake fighting with her sibling. Vanesa lives with her two parents and her 3 little brothers, having an older sister, but she lives with her husband.

Vanesa played soccer from 7th grade to her freshman year, competing in defense on her school teams. During her freshman year, Vanesa not only met the standard to play on the varsity soccer team, but also held a manager title, earning her letterman jacket. Sadly, she had to quit because she felt that she did not work and achieve the same effort as her teammates, realizing that soccer did not match her personality interests.

During her free time, Vanesa loves to sleep, eat, and draw. If possible,  she would only eat  lasagna, sleep, and awaken to constantly perform the same routine. After she left soccer, she searched for new activities, and she enrolled in art and fashion design, realizing that drawing and fashion made her happy and passionate about it.

Vanesa Espinoza–a unique, wonderful girl that will try her best in all endeavors and make her parents proud.










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