Yulieza Serrato: Motivated and Athletic

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Yulieza Serrato: Motivated and Athletic

Kenia Castaneda, Writer

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Yulicza Serrato, a sophomore student, has a magical fascination about playing college soccer in the future as a striker.

Born and raised in Porter, Texas, Yulicza has always actively participated in school functions. Like her brothers Cristian and Fortino, she joined the soccer team in middle school and will continue playing until she graduates.

As she continues to excel her sophomore year, she diligently attends every practice, acting competitive in every game, in every scrimmage, and in every tournament. She hopes all her devotion to the team will help her earn a coveted honors position as a captain. Ultimately, she wants to play on a professional team like Mexico Women’s National Soccer Team.

With strategic skills, numerous blocks, and superhuman vigor, she can defeat any opponent. Yulicza plays left middle and striker positions. While playing as a striker, she faces the most aggressive defenders and blockers, yet she maintains her strength and durability.

Yulicza, with her love and devotion for her team, played a creditable performance at the varsity soccer playoff game. Unlike some team members who forgot the game, she considered this challenge as one of her best, memorable experiences playing soccer.

This ambitious young lady gratefully takes advantage of every day she spends with her siblings, Cristian, Erick, and Fortino. She relishes consorting with Cristian the most, watching TV, and playing soccer at the park.

During her free time, she enjoys socializing with Victor Castaneda, watching soccer games. Yulicza’s strongest motivating influence includes both her mother and her boyfriend, her biggest fans and number one supporters.

In her opinion, Yulicza describes herself as kind, positive, and talented. Furthermore, she looks forward towards her last two years of high school, enjoying every bittersweet moment with her teammates. Moreover, she always works sedulously to earn excellent grades in all her classes.

Yulicza future plans  comprises  playing college soccer at Stanford University located in Palo Alto, California. She has leaping ambition to earn her Spanish teaching degree and eventually, marry Victor Castaneda

Yulicza Serrato, an overwhelmingly motivated student and outstanding athlete.



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