Rachell Bravo–Inspiring Every Person She Meets

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Rachell Bravo–Inspiring Every Person She Meets

Kenia Castenada, Writer

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Rachell Bravo, a junior at New Caney High School and a resident in the local community, previously lived in the Aldine area.

Rachell senses excitement about attending college and entering a career in cosmetology and teaching. She aspires a  cosmetology license, hoping to eventually open her own business. Afterwards, she wishes to matriculate at Sam Houston State University and study for a teaching career.

Her interests consist of anything cosmetology related, such as cutting hair, applying make-up, and many other duties. In her opinion, Rachell describes herself as an outgoing, mature, independent, young lady, relishing an opportunity to partake in fun experiences with her friends and family.

Rachell, who lives with two brothers and one sister, enjoys spending time with her family. On the weekends, her parents enjoy preparing red enchiladas. Rachell considers her mom her role model and biggest motivator, and she admires having her close by to witness her accomplishments.

Still attending New Caney High School, Rachell strolls the halls knowing that success awaits her. During her junior year, she has focused on maintaining good grade point averages and developing friendships. Rachell’s grades measure above average, and she consorts with more friends everyday.

She currently lacks a job, but after obtaining her cosmetology license, she plans to earn a stable income at a beauty salon. Rachell experienced many lessons growing up, learning that not everything in life comes easy. This encourages her to never settle for less, and she plans to continue to strive for excellence.

In five years, Rachell wants to study at Sam Houston State University to earn a teaching degree, while working at a beauty salon. Planning to save up a large sum of money, she desires a chance to one day open her own beauty salon.

Rachell Bravo, achieving goals by never giving up and always working diligently to reach her dreams.

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