Xenia Salgado–A Rising Star at New Caney High School

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Xenia Salgado–A Rising Star at New Caney High School

Marcus Enriquez, Writer

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Xenia Salgado,  a sophomore student, attends New Caney High School at fifteen years old, Her favorite hobbies  include music, singing, and she watches Youtube on her free time.

At the moment, Xenia does not  have a job, but her intentions during or after high school include looking for one. Hoping to secure financial aid, she also wants to earn  a scholarship so she can attend college.

Xenia’s interests include art, design, makeup and interior design, showing some of her creative talents. She wants to earn a scholarship to attend the University of Houston or Lone Star College.

Xenia has a fairly large family with four siblings. Liberal in her ideas, but strong in tenacity, her personality strengths include open minded views and acts as a great problem solver when it comes to difficult situations at school.

In her opinion, Xenia thinks she might act too sensitive at school sometimes. Nevertheless, for fun, she likes to go out with her best friends, sharing her feelings, enjoying their moments together,

Xenia also rates the cafeteria food a seven out of ten at New Caney High School. She also comports herself  as independent, and she does not act scared when facing challenging situations. Some of her friends say that Xenia acts brave, and this kind comment builds her confidence.

In five years, Xenia sees herself at a decent job, a good full time position where she can afford paying for college. At the moment. she does not have a dream job, but someday she will!

Her favorite pets would include cats and turtles. Although not a cuisinier, Xenia still  loves chicken soup with vegetables and toasted sandwich with ham and cheese.

Not a shy girl, Xenia loves giving  presentations to students, and considers herself  sociable when talking to her friends and teachers.

Xenia Salgado–one of the rising stars at New Caney High School!

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