Meredith Boyd–A Shining Star At New Caney High School

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Meredith Boyd–A Shining Star At New Caney High School

Harrison Boyd, Writer

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Meredith Boyd, a junior at New Caney High School, reflects and scintillates qualities of a caring, cheerful young lady. Her goals in 2020 includes  graduating from New Caney High School and beginning her college studies.

Meredith every summer attends a summer camp named Camp Longhorn. At this camp, she builds character within herself, developing true morale. Meredith lives by the coined saying, ¨everyone resides as a winner at Camp Longhorn¨, applying the phrase in real-life situations such as tennis.

Not only in academics, but also in a competitive sport does Meredith excel. Whether a win or a loss, Meredith exalts sustained happiness when playing her favorite sport tennis.

New Caney High School not only gave opportunities to Meredith her sophomore year, but also she opened her heart to many others at the school. Acting not only as a role model, but also as a friend, Meredith builds wonderful relationships with many people.

Unlike many students who do not know where they will attend college, Meredith´s drive and ambition aims at matriculating to the University Of Mississippi. Her mother, an LPC, encouraged and inculcated Meredith about the importance  and duty of helping others. From this mentoring, Meredith developed a yearning passion to assist those in need when she graduates college.

Outside of school, Meredith loves spending time on the water. An avid water sports enthusiast, she waits for any chance to stand on a pair of water skis and hopping on a jet ski, pushing the ¨sport-mode¨ trigger.

The tennis courts rank first as Meredith’s favorite place where she and her doubles’ partner Kady Duke out matches against opponents. Meredith loves this time of day, ignoring the sweltering heat because it provides her with a chance to engage in teamwork with her good friend.

Meredith Boyd– strolling the halls of New Caney with a promising future ahead.







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