Stacen Berrones–A Positive Student With A Grand Future!

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Stacen Berrones–A Positive Student With A Grand Future!

Kaitlyn Williams, Writer

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Stacen Berrones, a student who has attended New Caney High School for three years now, has finally reached the end of his high school studies. Although he came into the year as a junior, still he has made the big decision to graduate early. Notwithstanding the obstacles he overcame, he has earned the right to receive his high school diploma on May 26, 2018.

His passion for dentistry influenced his decision to graduate this year, and in the fall of 2018, Stacen will attend Texas State University to further his education in this field of studies. He has chosen Texas State due to their outstanding health science dental program. His love for dentistry came from his mother’s career at Made Ya Smile dental office in Kingwood, Texas.

Stacen started his high school studies in 2015 as a freshman, and although he has only attended New Caney High School for three years, his hard work and dedication has helped him achieve many accomplishments.unlike some students who are unsure about their future college plans, he feels proud and looks forward to his upcoming college studies.

In his free time, he enjoys watching Youtubers who list in many different categories. His interests vary from makeup tutorials to conspiracy theories to dancing videos. A diversity of interests, stacen enjoys watching many different video genres.

As a participant in color guard for two years, Stacen enjoyed carrying the flag at New Caney High School events. During competitions, he would perform a slow dance to entertain the audience. He won two medals for his excellent independent performances.

Enjoying mellow music, Stacen likes to listen to Indie style. Instead of firing his passion, it makes him relax and puts him in a meditative mood. Not dedicated only to one musician, Stacen has hundreds of songs with this style of music.

Stacen truly enjoys his English classes this year because he likes to write. He enjoys writing expository essays about not only school events, but also ones in the outside world. Along with his writing, he loves to research and feels intrigued by conspiracy theories.

Stacen Berrones- A positive student with a bright future!

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