Kyle Perkins–Playing the Trombone and Pitching the Baseball

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Kyle Perkins–Playing the Trombone and Pitching the Baseball

Emily Oxley, Writer

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As a new nine weeks begins, students start noticing more challenges and opportunities for next semester. Kyle Perkins, a freshman student, who plans on playing baseball in the future as a pitcher, also plays as the second chair of the trombone line in band.

“I think that New Caney High School should be more like private school and have no major tests,” he said. “Along with that, they should make band and lunch longer.” Some students and teachers agree to this idea, as opposed to other students and teachers, who feel the time schedules should remain the same.

Born and raised in New Caney, Kyle has always actively participated in school functions. He joined baseball at age 4 in T-ball, played the sport in grade school, and will continue as a freshman pitcher on the New Caney High School baseball team. In addition to sports, Kyle plays the trombone as a second chair, and he plans on playing in the band until he graduates.

The college that Kyle would like to attend must have a good science and math program, since these two subjects remain his favorite and preference. He considers Texas A&M as one of his favorable choices for future study. Some careers he considers pursuing include an Investment Banker, who invests money in profitable business ventures, or a Hurricane Hunter, which tracks hurricanes in the North American Ocean or North Eastern Pacific Ocean.

His response to what classes he enjoys includes the band, baseball, science, and mathematics. Concerning English, “I am not good in English, anything but English,” he said. Some accomplishments that he wants to pursue in his schooling years at New Caney High School would include finishing in the top ten percent, earning a scholarship to a college that will accept him, and meeting new people.

Kyle Perkins—A new glittering star at New Caney High School!

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