Abby Read: Appraising the New Changes at New Caney Independent School District

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Abby Read: Appraising the New Changes at New Caney Independent School District

Arianna Grupe, Writer

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As students return back to New Caney High School for the 2014-2015 school year, many notice the numerous new changes around the school and community. The New Caney School District has funded many projects and programs at the high school and the local area. “It seems that we have become more industrialized, especially with the new stadium coming in, and it seems like everything is getting bigger and better,” student Abby Read said.

Although many students have mixed feelings about the new changes and renovations, Abby Read yet feels the changes represents a positive enhancement for New Caney High School. “I have lived in New Caney for 8 years and I am involved in the yearbook, orchestra, and SPARK program at school and over the past year, I have noticed many intricate plans for the community in the near future that I believe will benefit us in the long-haul,” Abby said.

Many debates fire around the community on whether the school’s spending decisions represent a good choice. Funding school improvements require a large outlay of taxpayer’s money, who want top quality education for their investments. “I do believe that the school’s spending choices are wise because most of the new additions have been necessary to our growing district. For instance, the new agriculture center gives our students an exhilarating hands-on experience in their curriculum along with the chrome books which gives our students the new technological advancement that we need to be equal with the world,” Abby said.

WIth exultant pride spreading throughout the district over the new stadium, many students discover a refreshing new sense of school spirit. “My favorite addition so far is our new stadium because it gives the high school a sense of pride that has long been lost in the past. It makes all of us proud to be Eagles,” Abby said.

Accompanying the improvements of the community, many students look forward to a brighter future after high school. “I plan on going to on to get my master’s degree in music after high school, and with the advancements we have been given lately, I believe that our students will be better prepared for their future and they will be given more opportunities since we are an up and coming town; New Caney is finally on the map,” Abby said.

Abby’s read on the new changes stands as an excellent one!

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