Emilie Entremont: A Leader At New Caney High School

Ashley Potter, Writer

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Emilie Entremont, a senior who never ceases to astound or wonder teachers, administrators, and friends, participates in many school clubs and activities. Unlike some students who remain inactive and apathetic in high school, Emilie holds the position as cheerleading squad captain, and a captain of the New Caney High School soccer team. Not only does she highly motivate other students, but also she stands as a true leader and role model to everyone who knows her.

Emilie’s wonderful soccer skills have benefited the high school team, and she developed these soccer skills early in life. ” I started playing when I was probably like five because my parents were coaches and my brother played,” she said. If a girl wanted to play soccer, then she should look to Emilie as a role model and start playing at a young age.

Emilie does not only have athletic ability, but also has a brilliant mind. She participates in Decathlon, and has the opportunity to go to Atlanta to participate in an even higher level than her first competition because she performed so well in her first one. She has a place in NHS as well.

“It has taken a lot of time, but it has given me teamwork, and leadership qualities along with responsibility. It has helped me make better grades even though I have less time.” she said

If her superior mind did not try to keep her record of good grades then she would probably not hold a place in NHS or Decca. She has focused and worked sedulously all of her high school career and never avoided a challenge. She still continues to work diligently at everything she does, and her advice shows wisdom, “Don’t give up and still work hard. Don’t get lazy,” she said.

Even though this young star has performed well in high school, she will do even better when attending Baylor University.

Emilie Entremont: One of New Caney High School’s finest graduating seniors.

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