Josue Sandavol: Future Artist!

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Josue Sandavol: Future Artist!

Julia Steagall, Writer

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Josue Sandavol, a New Caney high school senior, participates in Soccer and art. For people who do not know Josue, he seems solemnly quiet, but he acquired an impressive talent for art from self-motivation and an unexpected chance in an art class.

Josue started art in 8th grade at Keefer Crossing, because the school accidently placed him in the art class. Josue figured that since the other classes remained full, he would try his best to pass the class.

After a few weeks, Josue realized that he could do much better than he anticipated, and he decided that he could truly make the best of his time in the class.“I just observed how they did it and I figured a way to do it myself and all my art teachers love me.” Josue said.

Since his 8th grade misplacement, Josue decided to continue with art all the way to his senior year. Now, Josue has many drawings to proudly present, and this particular one, his latest project, started out as a portrait of another student.

For this year’s project, he could draw anything he desired with any theme. He decided for his theme; how animals relate characteristically to humans. He asked a friend and neighbor, Victoria Martinez, to pose for a picture.

From the picture, Josue drew half of her face and then proportionally shaped the other half. He then asked her favorite animal, and she responded with “Cheetah.” Then, Josue filled the other half of her face with a true to life cheetah!

Josue says if he had to select, he would pick Leonardo de Vinci for his inspiration because Leonardo had an engineer’s brilliance on top of having the talent of being a classical artist.

Josue Sandavol–An upcoming artist studying at New Caney High School.

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