Juana Rivera: A Freshman Who Loves New Caney High School

Kerem Morales, Writer

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As students all came back to New Caney High School for another great year, last year’s seniors have graduated and freshmen began! Knowing that freshmen would have a little difficulty trying to find their way around the school, Juana explained through an interview about how well it went for her while she tried to find her classes.“I didn’t get lost,” she said. “Luckily for me, I had a couple of upperclassmen friends that helped me out.”

After nearly going to school for two weeks in a row, Juana talks about how happy and excited she feels about her first year in high school as a freshmen.“I really love it here!” “You get to do more activities here than at Keefer and I met plenty of people and made new friends!” she said. “There’s no doubt that I’ll have a great year.” It appears that all the freshmen will fit in!

As everyone probably have already noticed, not only has the school has had a few changes, but also it constructs a new dance studio (after 27 years of the request) outside the cafeteria doors. Juana says she does not take dance, but she likes how the new building looks and how the students of dance will have a nice studio to practice their intense routines.
“I’m glad they’re having a much bigger place of their own to dance in,” she said. “From what I have heard, the one they currently have is too small!”

Plenty of after school activities at New Caney High School that stand worthwhile include Band, ColorGuard, Basketball, JROTC, Soccer, and many more. Juana discussed eagerly about the two activities she loves; band and soccer.

“OMG that’s the fun part about high school for me! Marching and playing at the same time can be a little difficult and challenging, but I completely enjoy every moment of it.

As for soccer, I absolutely love it as much as band. It helps you stay in shape and keeps your blood flowing. But honestly I don’t like going outside when it’s really hot,” she said. “I’m already pretty dark I’m pretty much trying to AVOID the sun. I mean, I don’t wanna be darker!” she said.

Juana Rivera—A new freshman loving New Caney High School!

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