Kylie Stewart: A Rising Star at New Caney High School

Ashley Potter, Writer

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To some freshmen, seniors may seem intimidating, but Kylie Stewart only worries about other people trampling her. When asked if the seniors intimidated her, her answer brought a chuckle. “No, the only reason they’d intimidate me is if they ran me over,” she said.

Kylie immediately took an enthusiastic interest in high school soccer, “I’m excited to be coached by Coach Mccomb,” she said. Now, everyone knows Coach Macomb’s voice travels across the WHOLE soccer field due to his intense competitive streak. Many think that ambitious personalities make people better at what they do, so this might influence her decision in liking him.

Many people would agree that Mr. Hoffman deserves an Ace Writing Instructor Award. Kyle already has named Mr. Hoffman as one of her favorite teachers. “He has a very interesting class,” she said. This supports the author’s belief that began at the New Caney High School’s 2013 graduation ceremony when the valedictorian mentioned the writing professor in her speech.

New Caney High School when compared to Keefer Crossing Middle School may seem a little intimidating due to the size difference and student population. Even if sophomores, juniors, and seniors do not feel intimidated by the school’s size or population, many freshmen experience fear. Some fish roam the halls with courage, and Kylie Stewart can claim the title as one of those few fish.
As Kylie learns more about high school life, she continues to adapt to the new environment and make new friends. “I like it. It is a big school,” she said. Compared to Keefer Crossing Middle School, “There are a lot more kids,” she said.

Kylie already enjoys high school and has made new friends. She stands as one of the new and rising stars at New Caney High School!

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