Kalie Parker: The Valiant

Madison Lee, Writer

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Cadet Captain Kalie Parker was born in UTMB Galveston, Texas, and grew up in Willis and New Caney. Her family consists of parents Benita and Oscar Parker, along with a lovable menagerie of 12 dogs, 3 cats, and a bird. Today, this independent junior student continues to make a name for herself as a fierce leader and an intelligent young woman bent on making the world a better place.

Since her entrance in freshman year, Parker began to build her successful reputation by becoming part of New Caney High School’s highly recognized JROTC program. She excelled quickly, increasing her rank and readily accepting the responsibilities that came her way. Now, Kalie sees JROTC as a family, a worthy commitment, a home, and a place where she can continually push herself to achieve the pride that comes with earning success in a field that few have the mettle to endure.

“I’ve come out of my shell because of JROTC,” Parker said. “I’ve become a better leader, and met many great people.”

In addition to JROTC, Kalie involves herself in extracurricular activities such as Student Council and National Honor Society.

In the future, she wishes to attend Rice University where she will major in Political Science, but also plans to apply to West Point, Gallaudet University, Texas A&M, and the University of Houston. “I want to attend Rice to get a good education while staying close to home,” Parker said. She intends to “Attend Rice, join the Army, join the FBI, be Secretary of Defense, and become President of the United States. In that order.”

She also aspires to have a position as a professional sign language interpreter.

Outside of rigorously working toward all of these goals, Kalie enjoys spending time with her friends. Some of her favorite activities include the color red, Snow Crab legs, the band Three Days Grace, the novels The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill and Unwind by Neal Shusterman, and the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. She greatly admires Theodore Roosevelt, and states him as the person that she would most like to have met if given the chance.

She encourages all students to keep an open mind.

Although Parker looks forward to completing her time at New Caney High School, she admits that she will miss not having the current seniors here in the coming year. “Since freshman year, I have had many friends come and go, but there are some who I know I’ll always be friends with. They’ve taught me what real friends are. Their friendship is, in my mind, the most valuable thing out of high school,” Parker said.

Kalie Parker carries herself with a tactical self-assurance that inspires others to follow. She dedicates herself to her causes without backing down, and shows humility when in the lead. With the wise, compassionate drive of a student and all of the strength of a warrior, Cadet Captain Parker will always try her best and walk as a champion for the brave.

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