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  • 2017-2018 School year begins Monday, August 28, 2017

2017-2018 Staff

Robert Hoffman


Mr. Hoffman has taught high school English for 22 years, and previously taught English 1301 and 1302 at Lone Star College--Kingwood. He has published numerous articles in newspapers, magazines, and journals. It stands as a...

Gianna Maglaya


Hi! I am a new sophomore at New Caney High School, and so far Texas seems pretty amazing. I have moved many times in my lifetime, and now I attend my eleventh high school. I have felt passion for writing and music for as long...

Harrison Boyd


Hello, my name is Harrison Boyd. I recently started attending New Caney High School this year, and it feels like a wonderful experience. I love to spend my off-time fishing and singing. Music immerses my life, and I love to sing and...

Ruth Caster


I am a senior at New Caney High school. I enjoy reading, writing poetry, swimming and learning something new everyday. I participate in NCHS varsity swim, Criminal Justice club, and I will participate in state affairs for TX YMCA...

NaQuinn McCall


As Na’Quinn McCall, and I am a senior at New Caney High School. I enjoy writing and participating in sports such as track, and powerlifting. I hope to improve my writing skills while enrolled in Ind. Study in English, and most...

Kaitlyn Williams


I enjoy taking photos of lovely items that I think would look good blown up or on a big screen. I love reading, but I would rather a read non-fiction book over a fiction book.. I will read fiction books occasionally, but given...

Maverick Gurka


I am Maverick Gurka and currently a senior attending New Caney High School. Sports, such as such as track, football, power lifting, and academic achievements have strongly influenced my high school career. My post high school asp...

Megan Thompson


I am a senior  at New Caney High School who loves music, animals and martial arts competitions. I look forward to improving my writing by composing incisive articles on Eagle Times Bulletin.

Katelin Baker


As a senior at New Caney High School, I play in the Spirit Band From Eagle Land directed by Gary Aiken and Brian Wimberly. I play the baritone saxophone during marching and concert season. I feel quite excited for this school year a...

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