Mrs. Dupre–A Remarkable Art Teacher

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Mrs. Dupre–A Remarkable Art Teacher

Angel Guerrero, Writer

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Mrs. Dupre, one of the art teachers at New Caney High School, graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2002 and married Matthew Dupre in 2006. They have 2 cats,  Mukta and Leitzel,  and a turtle named Shellby. The ocelot,  her favorite animal for its mysterious,  alluring features, looks like a baby leopard.

Her favorite summer activities include exercising,  swimming,  art professional development training, traveling, and spending time with her family.  She enjoys improving her salsa dancing, drawing,  painting,  sculpting,  reading,  hiking,  and camping.

Mrs. Dupre will eventually pursue her masters degree in art. She truly loves the subject and wants to study more in depth about it. She hopes to collaborate with Mrs. Kent with her future graduate studies.

Mrs. Dupre loves to travel and camp because she feels inspired by nature’s beauties.  Instead of staying home all the time, she visits many places with her family and truly loves the great outdoors.  She has camped in many locations including different mountain areas and many locations out of state.

She has some favorite television and movie series such as Lord of the Rings, The Abyss, “Handmaid’s Tale”, and “Game of Thrones”. She truly enjoys watching these action packed movies with her husband on the weekend.

Some interesting facts about Mrs.Dupre include her favorite colors such as oxblood red, indigo, and emerald green and favorite food and beverages include Mediterranean food, water, and coffee. She used to sing in public, and her favorite subjects are English, art, and choir.

Mrs.Dupre loves teaching students helping them improve their skills. She gives individual attention to each of her students so she can bring out the best talent in each one. She uses Socratic questions and answers to draw out new ideas and perspectives.

Mrs.Dupre — Not an average teacher, but an extraordinary one!




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