Editing Papers

MacKenzie Sue, Writer

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Why edit papers? Could it help students when needing extra credit?

Can editing help with grammar? Can it even provide detail?

All of these questions have the same answer. Yes, editing papers can help with all of these!

Famous writers from all over the world edit their papers, so why can not students do it as well? Students can, but sometimes they do not want to because of time or laziness. Students need to learn  that editing helps increase vocabulary and develop a keen eye for sentence errors.

For example, if a student completed a college resume and an essay, and if that essay consisted of horrible grammar mistakes, then he or she would not receive an acceptance letter in the mail.

Examples of famous authors that edited their papers included Ernest Hemingway, John Steinback, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, all authors that made an impact in the writing community when editing papers. All three used free modifiers in their writing, clauses that take the reader from telling to seeing while reading the passage.

Unlike some authors that write something once and forget about it, editing papers also helps the students realize the mistakes or errors they made. For example, if students write sentences which includes the words “things” or “stuff,” it would sound unprofessional. Writers would want to use words that provide more detail in the passage than what the author used.

An author would not want someone to pick up an article and stop reading it within the first few sentences because of how cumbersome it seemed. Writing has to communicate its message clearly and smoothly.

Now it may seem like a waste of time, but editing truly helps improve grammar, writing skills, and communication skills. If someone attended a job interview and does not speak or write correctly, the employer may not call the candidate back.

Edit your papers! Even if you think it would not help, it does!


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