Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Sara Alvarez, Writer

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Forty seven years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana, Alvin C. Copeland, the creator of Popeyes, opened his first restaurant in 1972. Although he named the first restaurant “Chicken On The Run”, still its divine, enjoyable, and traditional chicken continued to gain popularity.  

When the business for “Chicken On The Run” did not flourish, Mr.Copeland decided to close his restaurant and start anew. In 1976, he created the first ever Popeyes, Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. This Louisiana inspired fast food restaurant provided exquisite Cajun chicken that no one had ever tasted.

According to QSR Magazine, Popeyes ranks number 3 in the chicken category for most sales. This fast food chain also continues as the second largest “quick -service chicken restaurant group” in the world, with more than 2,000 restaurants in 40 states alone. “Popeyes recently opened their 2,000th restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee”, QSR Magazine, said.

Popeyes offers incredible tasting menu items. This restaurant, known for their delicious cinnamon apple pie, gives people a heartwarming signature dessert for their sweet tooth desires. Not only do people rave over Popeyes apple pie, but also they extol their most important item–chicken.

Popeyes serves chicken in many different ways, shapes, and forms.  For example, Popeyes provides spicy, mild, or mixed chicken tenders, wings, breasts, and legs. All combos include a hot buttery biscuit, a medium or large drink, with a choice of 1-3 signature side orders.

These signature side items include authentic Cajun rice, traditional jambalaya, creamy mashed potatoes, home-style green beans, and various other delightful selections.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, a fast food restaurant chain known for their outstanding taste sensation, shows the beautiful southern side to delicious Cajun chicken!


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