Halloween Horror Nights

Savannah Trejo, Writer

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Looking for a scare, yet with a thrill, tingle, and quiver? Then look no longer!

Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Orlando will succeed in doing so! This park came about in 1999 when originally called “Fright Nights”.  Unlike ordinary, routine amusement parks, this one contains haunted houses and spooky themed roller coaster rides.

Hollywood released many horror movies with ghastly people that achieved overwhelming popularity throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Continuing this trend, the Disney corporation opened a specialized theme park during the Halloween season that featured many of these characters to entertain guests. Audiences not only loved it, but also continued to visit Halloween Horror Nights each year.

Not only does this amusement park have a scary theme, but also it has various themed sections throughout the entire center, such as a Harry Potter and Disney division.

Halloween Horror Nights presents multiple haunted houses all created for October. Each one focuses on horror themes in movies, such as Stranger Things, Poltergeist, Halloween 4:The return of Michael Myers, and more.

Horror Nights also offers different packages for special tours around the theme park, meeting different guests’ needs and preferences. Although Horror Nights have expensive admission prices, still visitors will find it worthwhile for the entertainment it provides. A single night for Horror Nights costs $93.71, and for a Frequent Fear Pass that allows a guest to choose any night between September 14th to November 3rd, it costs $217.25.

Halloween Horror Nights also provides dining in Classic Monster Cafe where one can find tasty food and Scare Actors in spooky costumes. Instead of sitting around and doing nothing, the Scare Actors, dressed to shake, shock, and startle guests, make an everlasting impression at Horror Nights. They act as the creepy characters in the haunted houses, and they walk around frightening and scaring others.

Reviewers, rather than perfunctorily passing over this event, highly recommended it to anyone who enjoys both horror and Halloween. A Universal Orlando vacation will provide enjoyment and pleasure for the entire family, a memorable moment that will touch guests with treasured, lifetime memories!

A fear, a flutter, and a flurry.

Prepare for a good scare and thrill at Halloween Horror Nights!



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