Dwayne Burks: New Caney High School’s Welding Teacher

Clenton Wilson, Writer

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Welding, an ennobling and invigorating career!

Mr.  Burks aspired a career in the welding field since a young boy. He held an optimistic view, knowing that what he creates with his hands lasts forever.

His career as his main goal, he attended college where he learned welding techniques as a student under his professors’ tutelage. His field experience supported his studies throughout his college years. While attending Sam Houston State University, sometimes students would switch majors, aiming for a different career path, but Mr. Burks stood firm with his decision.

Blacksmithing involves many activities, not only welding. His last project, Mr. Burks remembers forging a blade knife. Heated iron, sweat, and labor led to creating the blade knife that he still possesses.

Mr. Burks holds dear to one major aspect of blacksmithing–welding. The welding techniques that he utilizes each day come from his own teachings. Although instructed by many teachers, Mr. Burks still taught himself the techniques of excellent welding.

His self-taught art continues at New Caney High School when he instructs students on welding strategies. Knowing that he taught himself while learning from others, it inspired him to pursue a career as a teacher, while honing his talent in blacksmithing.

Mr. Burks recalls the time he constructed a deer stand for his father. It not only still exists, but also holds many sentimental values. He shared that a specific building represented the hardest object he had to construct in his career.

Mr. Burks followed his dream, and he takes advantage of his talent with passion in his creations each day. He shows true wisdom and a love for helping students learn the art and science of welding.

Teaching students and inspiring many, Mr. Burks–a splendid educator at New Caney High School!

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