Mrs. Kent: Teaching Aesthetic Appreciation To Students

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Mrs. Kent: Teaching Aesthetic Appreciation To Students

Marcus Enriquez, Writer

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Mrs. Kent, one of the best instructors at  New Caney High School, teaches art and related classes. She likes all of her students enrolled in her class, and those students that have interests in art relish both her classroom and teaching methods. From symmetrical classic to emotional expressionism style, Mrs. Kent teaches students how art mimics life.

Her hobbies include researching about art and finding new ways to improve  her artwork. Not only does she study the various historical, artistic movements, but also she weighs and considers how previous artists influence modern ones. With her comprehensive soul, Mrs. Kent wants to heighten students’ sensitivity to both the beauty of nature and the beauty within themselves.

To complement her love for the arts, she also enjoys hiking in new areas and playing guitar in her free time.  Also, she derives pleasure from gardening, growing different vegetables, and preparing them in her kitchen.

Born in 1985, Mrs. Kent now has reached 32 years old. She  comes from a rather large family which includes five older sisters. She has taught for five years in New Caney High School and truly takes pleasure seeing students grow and mature.

Although she did not grow up as a tomboy, still as a young girl, she enjoyed climbing trees. After she finished high school, she planned on attending college to earn her art degree. To achieve her dream, she matriculated into Savannah College of Art and Design, and  afterwards, she spent four years studying in college.

After college, she worked as a freelance artist which sharpened her talent and skill. When she gained experience, she eagerly entered the teaching profession. As a young child, she always wanted to teach students about art and hopes more of them will consider a professional career in this lovely field.

Mrs. Kent–adding beauty to the world at New Caney High School!

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