The Table Top Club: Growing With Students And Games

Clenton Wilson, Writer

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The Table Top Club exists, in need of more members to designate it as an official club. The members already in the club needing more students to join, reaching their goal of forty.

The club, active with social game lovers, yearns for more students to experience the joy that the board games bring. A small group of friends, Clenton Wilson, James, and Adam attend the social event weekly.

Clenton expressed his views of the club, encouraging more people to join because of the way it brings people together. Board games involve problem solving at times, building bonds between the students who attend the club collaboratively solve problems.

The club’s favorite game, Yu-Gi-Oh, occupies many of the tables in the classroom as students contend against each other, hoping for a better hand than their opponent. Win or loss, the students live by the philosophy ¨there is always another round¨.

This statement of another round rings true as students, such as Clenton look forward to the experience every Monday and Wednesday after school. The club meeting at 4:05 when the school bell rings allows students with enough time to battle their rivals until the end at 6:00 p.m.

Not only gaming occurs in the club, but also refreshments please the students as they constantly move their cards or pieces from their board games. Time passes for some students when they endure the splendid time that the club provides, providing a reason to host the club twice a week.

The games, including Yu-Gi-Oh, differ in strategies, such as the games life and monopoly. Member Clenton Wilson´s favorite game, Yu-Gi-Oh, requires a specific hand of cards, holding a greater amount of power to dominate his opponent.

Life and Monopoly provide the club with realistic style games for the students to partake in, teaching them about money use and the true means of life. These two games continue as club members’ favorites.

The club, not officially named, pleads for more members because students enjoy it, desiring for the club to continue through the rest of the school year and further. The members believe the club has the ability to grow and entertain.

The Table Top Club: Providing students and entertainment!


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