Homelessness–Rising With No End In Sight

Megan Thompson, Writer

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Homelessness increases in the United States daily due to unemployment, unpaid medical bills, mental illness, and runaway teenagers who flee abusive or dangerous situations. Many other variables contribute to home loss, but none quite compare to unemployment and unaffordable housing. Despite the decreasing number of homeless individuals in 2016, federal cuts in the budget to find permanent homes for the homeless put a halt in the effort to help these people

Not all homeless individuals reach homelessness because of abuse or because they run away from home. Some experience homeless because of overwhelming expenses, unaffordable housing, losing their job, change in housing arrangements (i.e. going through a divorce or their family kicked them out), drugs and/or alcohol.

All of these contributing agents require individuals to move to the streets. Fortunately, groups formed for the sole purpose of helping the homeless in this area exist, and they tirelessly work diligently to find safe and permanent housing for those who cannot do it themselves.

The main organization in charge of this effort,The Way Home, helps the homeless. Beginning in 2012, The Way Home works hard to find homes for those in need of permanent housing; the organization strives to find permanent homes and supportive systems for all who need them. Head of the coalition, Marilyn Brown, proudly states “…more than 11,200 chronically homeless individuals, veterans and individuals in families have been placed into permanent housing” in regards to how well her project operates.

However, with the federal budget cut, Brown suspects that the group’s efforts and hard work might halt. Without federal housing dollars, the homeless have no other place to turn to except to the streets since the local public-housing authorities no longer issue housing choice vouchers.


Homelessness–humanity needing help.



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