Target: A Store Admired By Shoppers

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Target: A Store Admired By Shoppers

Sara Alvarez, Writer

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Target, one of largest retail chain businesses in America, stands as one of the most known stores worldwide. In 1962, a Target retail store, located in Roseville, Minnesota, opened doors for the first time. This brand-new corporation started off as a Dayton- Hudson Company branch in order to receive more recognition and popularity.

In 2000, the company divested itself of their previous department store chains and the parent company then renamed itself the Target Corporation. Around this time, this company also suffered from a massive publicized security breach of customer credit card data. Although experiencing failure, in 2010, the company revitalized success with the expansion in urban markets within the United States.

As a public retail industry, Target sells and produces any product imaginable. From stylish and contemporary clothes to fresh vegetables, shoppers can purchase a wide variety of consumer goods. Not only does Target sell miscellaneous merchandise, but also they sell these items for reasonable prices that every customer can afford.

In comparison to other local grocery stores and retailers like Walmart, Target provides an overall better selection of all items sold despite their smaller stores. Targets’ merchandise displays show hefty stocked items compared to Walmart. Unlike Walmart, Target promotes superb sanitation and cleanliness in every corner of their store.

On October 2nd, 2017, Target announced their new online order service known as Drive Up. This improved service allows customers to order their wanted items online for pick up at their nearest Target store. On the website, guests click the “I’m on my way!” button to pick up their purchases. They then pull into parking spots designated for pick up located in the store’s front, and soon a Target team member comes out to greet them with their order.

Target: the better retail business that all shoppers admire!



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