Honey Bees: Bringing Food and Love For Everyone

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Honey Bees: Bringing Food and Love For Everyone

Hollie Whatley, Writer

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Honey bees help pollinate and grow one-third of all the food eaten in America. Three categories of bees exist in a hive: the queen bee, the worker bee, and the drone bee. Each categories of bees have quite important jobs when it comes to maintaining the hive’s life.

The queen bee’s job includes acting as the mother and leader of the whole hive. The worker bee’s job includes taking food to the queen, preparing food for the other bees, protecting the hive, and heating and cooling the hive. Worker bees, usually infertile female bees, dedicate their lives to the queen and the entire hive.

The worker bees average lifespan in the summer stands quite short only spanning 6-8 weeks. Their death often happens by overuse of their wings. Over those 6-8 weeks, each single honey bee produces more than one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.

On average the queen bee can lay up to 3,000 eggs per day. Hives reach their maximum population during the summer and can reach 60,000 to 80,000 bees per colony. During the winter, they live on stored pollen, honey, and huddle together into a ball for warmth.

Honey bees have a total of five eyes, two compound eyes and three small ocelli eyes. Bees use their honeycomb cells for a variety of activities, including using them to raise their babies in as well as storing nectar, honey water, and pollen.

Honey bees increase the food supply for humans. Bees have inhabited this earth for over 30 million years, the oldest preserved edible honey found in an Egyptian tomb. Bees communicate through chemical aromas called pheromones and through unique bee dances.

Altogether, honey bees rank highly as an important life form that creates a reliable and healthy source of sweetener for humans and pollinate crops to increase the food harvest.

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