New Caney HIgh School Drum Line

Sara Alvarez, Writer

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Flutes, tuba, saxophones, all represent sections of the New Caney High School’s Spirit Band from Eagle Land. All assemble to create beautiful music, pleasing all the listeners in an audience. One section in particular makes students and staff jump up from out of their seats.

The NCHS drum line many may say stand as the most driving section in the whole band.

Showing excellent diversity, New Caney high school drum line consists of three different sections. This includes five snare drummers, three tenors, and three bass drummers for the 2018-2019 school year. The percussion section has one leader, Haylie Callahan, the drum line captain.

The snare drummers this school year, Haylie Callahan, Mia Mason, Paolo Guzman, Braxton Gressett, and Barrett Thiim, all rank as outstanding and genuine people. To succeed as a snare drummer, all of these young, inspiring students have shown grand love, dedication, and enjoyment in all percussion activities.

Alan Mercado, Jaiden Bazile, and Sara Alvarez hold the NCHS bass line title. This section loves to have fun and play around, but when it comes to drumming, each musician exerts his or her’s finest, talented effort.

The last section in the NCHS drum line call themselves the tenors. Three seniors, Chase Hanka, Eddie Ramirez, and Matthew Harrison, all brilliant minded and accomplished in all that they undertake, perform as quite talented drummers. Sadly, after this last year of their high school experience, all three tenor players will graduate and pursue new interests.

All of these talented students say the drum line challenges them, showing how teamwork can produce excellent results. Every single one of these students has worked diligently for his or her title and feel proud participating and consorting with such a close group of friends.

Rather than having little feelings for songs they play, these drummers have a deep passion for music. Not only do they love the instruments they play, but also they love the environment and the people. “ I see them as my family; We have gotten closer and I am proud of who we’ve all grown into.”, Chase Hanka, tenor player, said.

The NCHS drumline–rhythmically talented students who assembled to create lovely music and beautiful friendships!



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