James Woods–Talented Actor, Intelligent Individual

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James Woods–Talented Actor, Intelligent Individual

Jake Harvey, Writer

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James Howard Woods, actor and producer, audiences know primarily for playing villainous and depraved roles. His most famous roles include Videodrome, Once Upon a Time, Casino, and Contact.

Born April 18, 1947 in Vernal, Utah to Gail Peyton Woods, who served as an army intelligence officer and died in 1980, and to Martha A. Woods, who operated a pre-school after her husband’s death. Woods grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, where he attended Pilgrim High School and graduated in 1965.

He pursued his undergraduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he majored not in fine arts, but political science. Nevertheless, he entered the student theater group Dramashop, where he both acted and directed numerous plays.

After college, he adroitly performed in thirty-six plays before making his 1970 Broadway debut. Recognized by talent scouts, Woods earned a Hollywood acting career, and directors have cast him in over 130 films and a 2013 television series.

In his later years, Woods stated that he had Democratic party views up until Bill Clinton’s impeachment.“Every single Democrat without exception stood behind a convicted perjurer. That was the end,” he said.

During November 2015, Woods shifted his endorsement to Senator Ted Cruz. In August 2017, he expressed his disgust on Twitter about the “pathological” hatred which Donald Trump projected in public. In September 2018, the Associated Press blocked his Twitter over a hoax tweet purported from the Democratic party telling men not to vote.

On July 4, 2018, The Gersh Agency, Woods’ long-time talent representative, notified him by email that they would no longer represent him owing to his outspoken conservative views.

In late October 2018, a bomb threat spread from the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Maxine Waters, and George Soros, and Woods expressed his feelings about this barbaric act. “The sending of bombs is a threat to the very foundation of our Republic. That people would seriously suggest such an act could be a “false flag” stunt is inappropriate. It is sad, however, that Democrat mob behavior of late could prompt one to believe such a thing possible,” he said.

James Woods–not an unskilled novice that acts reckless, but a talented actor that continues to discuss political issues and live his best life.

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