James Avery–An Outstanding Jewelry Store

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James Avery–An Outstanding Jewelry Store

Meredith Boyd, Writer

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James Avery, a jewelry business, began in 1954 in a garage with a paltry $250. Fred Garcia, the first employee that earned a position at the business, trained many later craftsmen until he finished his work and retired in 1977. He helped expand the business with good products and excellent customer service.

Unlike some businesses that began with a giant store, this one, built in Kerrville, Texas, worked out of a two-car garage for approximately 11 years. The construction and building process took about 2 years until James Avery could open the store. The jewelry store, now located on 20 acres, offers a beautiful view for all customers that visit this location.

James Avery jewelry store makes fine products  for both women and men. The company designs, manufactures, markets, and sells their own products. The designs made exemplify a reminder of the little points in life that stand important.

James Avery jewelry business has now opened 270 stores across the United States employing 2,000 people. No longer difficult to locate, customers can now easily find a James Avery jewelry store in every state. They find their jewelry simple, yet elegant.

Not an ordinary and customary gem business, but a jewelry store  that presents many services others do not offer. James Avery provides engraving, free polishing or cleaning, and complimentary initial charm soldering.

The jewelry sold at this store differs because the sterling silver in most products sold contains no nickel. Some people can have a nickel allergy wearing sterling silver jewelry, so the company replaces it with copper.

James Avery jewelry’s quality supersedes all other retail jewelry stores. Mr. Avery always demanded that he sell top quality merchandise at a reasonable price.

Offering outstanding customer service, the company guarantees its products, fully refunding all purchases if returned within 60 days. The staff extends their help, and customers can write down their selections for the clerks to help them review their merchandise.

James Avery, not an ordinary jewelry store, but a remarkable one!

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