Michael Souchek: An Astounding Teacher Helping Young Adults

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Michael Souchek: An Astounding Teacher Helping Young Adults

Charisma Crew, Writer

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English–a subject that Mr. Souchek brings to life!

Although born in Denver, Colorado,  Mr. Souchek still grew up in Kingwood and now lives in Porter.

Full of thoughtful memories, one of the funnest events that Mr.Souchek recalls would include when he graduated high school. At this time, he collected all of his money he had earned and drove across the country. However, while driving through Nebraska, his car broke down in the middle of America’s heartland, stranding him for a while!

Mr. Souchek attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for his B.S. degree in film studies and critical theory. He also studied at Tiffin University where he earned his M.A. degree in Humanities with an emphasis in English. He considers pursuing a doctoral degree, but has not made any final decisions yet.

Mr. Souchek sought an instructor position at New Caney High School because he likes the area and wants to reciprocally help in the community. He enjoys teaching at New Caney High School because he honestly feels close to home and loves helping students grow and mature. Teaching English makes him overwhelmingly happy because he makes the subject both creative and relevant for young adults.  

Mr. Souchek married his beautiful wife Megan, who also teaches at New Caney High School, in the summer of 2018. They also have a deaf pet dog named Maverick.

Not one to stay idle for too long, during Mr. Souchek’s extra time, he enjoys reading and writing, playing guitar, and playing intellectual video games. In school, Mr. Souchek also teaches and plays in New Caney High School’s rock band, expressing his creativity in the musical spheres.

Although he weighed and considered other careers, Mr. Souchek still plans to stay in education for many years. Unlike other instructors who want to enter administration, he will continue teaching English Language Arts classes because he truly enjoys working with young adults. When instructing students, he shows his energetic passion and wants to continue it because he could never imagine working in another profession or position.

Recalling fondly about his younger days, he relished playing guitar and took part in making movies with his friends. He would try to create funny movies in five seconds, entertaining the people who saw them.  

Mr. Souchek–a wonderful teacher who students can always depend on to help them learn English.

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