Mr. Malson: A Wise, Business Instructor

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Mr. Malson: A Wise, Business Instructor

MacKenzie Sue, writer

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Mr. Malson, formally known as Casey Malson, born in Pecos TX, May 22nd, 1988, now has reached 30 years old. Malson working in his second year of teaching, earned his associates’ degree from Blinn College and his bachelor’s degree from The University Of Houston, CT Bauer College Of Business.

Hoping to further his education, Mr. Malson wants to pursue a Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA). In the next five years, he hopes to increase his coaching presence, helping students with their athletic abilities.

Malson wanted to teach high school students because they generally acted more mature, and that he truly enjoys enlightening them while teaching. He knows that if students learn business skills, then they will prepare themselves well for a career. Moreover, budgeting and finance stand as a critical skill for success and survival in everyday living.

In addition, Mr. Malson owns a business outside of his teaching profession. Not only does he sharpen knives for customers, but also he buys and sells these items. He conducts business mainly on the internet, and it has continued to grow with the passage of time.

Mr. Malson feels quite proud of his business venture and looks to improve and increase it even more.

Mr. Malson, married to Theatre Arts teacher Chelsea Malson, met the love of his life in middle school during sixth grade. He currently lives in Humble TX and hopes to continue his career as an instructor at New Caney High School. When asked what he would change about New Caney High School, “I would combine the main campus with the annex,” he said.

Mr. Malson’s hobbies and activities outside of school include fishing and kayaking. He truly loves outdoor activities.

Mr. Malson a rising star and a truly professional teacher at New Caney High School!

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