Dr. Richard White: A Criminal Justice Leader

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Dr. Richard White: A Criminal Justice Leader

Ruth Caster, Writer

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Dr.White, teaching and inspiring many students in criminal justice classes since 2015, loves helping and guiding them to enter a career in law enforcement.  He started teaching at New Caney High School as a criminal justice teacher and helped co-sponsor the Criminal Justice Club in 2015.

While directing the Criminal Justice Club, he helps students who want to pursue a criminal justice career. It has two major competitions; Texas Public Services Association and Texas Youth and Government Mock trial. Not only does Dr. White actively help students in both competitions,  but also gives true world scenarios in criminal justice areas.

Unlike some teachers who only hold one position, Dr. White comprehensively engages in several jobs and activities. Not only does he teach law enforcement, but also teaches graduate and undergraduate college students. Additionally, he has a part time job as police officer with Roman Forest Police Department and participates as a member of numerous non-education organizations.

Before entering law enforcement, Dr. White served his country six years as a U.S. Air Force Space Command Captain. Afterwards, looking to expand his experience, he then served 8 years as an investigator and patrol officer with the Houston Police Department. After spending many years working in law enforcement, his wife and family persuaded him to enter teaching.

He knew he wanted to teach high school students because unlike lower grade levels, it stands as one of the important milestones before adulthood. He also believes that before adulthood, young teenagers, still exploring and maturing, will learn many significant and weighty life lessons.

Rather than teaching boring theory and irrelevant abstraction, he teaches concrete facts and specific examples when sharing true life advice.  “If I can truly make a difference in the life of just one student each year, then I consider my job a success,” he states.

Dr. White’s favorite teaching activity  happens when students interactively involve themselves in a classroom setting, and he loves replicating law enforcement scenarios during class. He believes that instead of lecturing about theory, practical experience stands as the best way for students to learn. “To provide an analogy, we can lead a horse to water, we cannot force it to drink,”  he further states.

Unfortunately, Dr. White will retire from teaching this year, leaving New Caney High School for a much better career opportunity with FEMA. New Caney High School students sadly state they will miss Dr. White, yet they seem happy he will pursue a career in helping and aiding people in major disasters.

Dr. White – not only a truly remarkable person, but also an inspiring teacher to many students!

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