Cell Phone Policy Changes at NCHS

Devon Howard, Reporter

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Cell phones, once reserved for wealthy people, have now become a necessity for most people in modern society. Everyday, students use cell phones for calling people, texting, and checking personal e-mail. Respecting students who enjoy learning and using new technology, New Caney High School changed its cell phone policy for school year 2010-2011.

Before the modern age of cell phone use, a student was not allowed to possess a pager or a cell phone on campus. However, the tragic event of Columbine High School shootings  in 1999 changed this policy. After the Columbine incident, parents and family members deemed it necessary to always maintain contact with their children, and NCHS responded by changing the policy

 School administration modified school policy to allow cell phones  campus, but  its use was restricted to before and after school. In the summer of 2010, administrators “looked at how [the new policy] affected learning,” Mr. Pearson said. They had decided that using cell phones in the hallways and at lunch was not detrimental to student learning, and decided to conditionally change the policy.

The new electronic devices policy began as a trial program the first six weeks of school. Few students abused the privilege, and the policy was a huge success. Since then, the policy has been officially added to the official student code of conduct.

Eagle Times recently performed a survey of five local high schools to review and evaluate their cell phone policies. All of the high schools’ policies state that students can not use cell phones during school hours. Two out of the five schools will take permanent  possession of the cell phone if not picked up within a specified time period, and the other three schools charge a fee for a student to retrieve their cell phone.

NCHS students–rejoice about your privileges! As long as you do not take out the electronic device in class, you may bring your cell phone to school and use it in designated areas!

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