Teens And Pregnancy: Choices Today Affect Future Dreams

Amberley Samuel, Reporter

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Teenagers, do you think it would be wonderful  having a child at your age? Or perhaps you believe that getting pregnant will not happen to you? Do you understand how having a child now could totally disrupt  future plans?

Students, take a look at the number of teenage mothers who are pregnant while shopping. Did you ever wonder about the responsibilities for giving birth and caring for a child? Being a parent is a full time job, very expensive,  and requires a multitude of responsibilities.

 Raising a child is extremely expensive. Clothes, food, and heathcare are only a few of the many necessary costs in caring for a child. Many parents state there never seems enough money to support their children and provide them with a high quality of life.  

Not only is having children a financial burden, babies need full time attention for their needs. Several times a day,  mothers must feed their children, change their diapers, and bathe them. In addition, constant attention is necessary to nurture and care for a child. Having children is tremendous responsibility and takes away much leisure time.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy is that many students must give up their goals of attending college, earning a degree, and becoming a professional employee  because they became parents at an unsuitable young age. Worse, many have to work minimum wage jobs with no security or future to support their children. Beginning a family at such a young age destroys hopes and dreams for a bright future.

Teenagers, make good choices in life! Having sexual relations before marriage is not a wise decision. Prepare for your future sensibly and responsibly by finishing school and studying for a career. After marriage is the proper time to plan a family and have children because both parents are usually older and can give their children a better life, rather than struggling for years because of an unwanted pregnancy that occurred at a young age.

NCHS students, think deeply about the long term consequences of the decisions you make today.

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