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Arianna Grupe, Writer

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The 9 alarm chili cook-off works to help raise money for the Cy-Fair Fire Department by offering a friendly competition for any member of the community to enter. On Saturday May 14, the 9 alarm chili cook-off took place in Willis.

Fourteen teams registered to show off their chili to see who in Cy-Fair had the best chili around. To accompany these teams in their vigorous day of cooking, a DJ played happy and upbeat music, along with a raffle taking place to raise extra money for the department. The raffle items ranged from a yeti cup, Texas country music CDs, new rifles, home decor, and even a signed J.J. Watt Texans jersey.

This event proved a huge success to the CFFD as thousands of dollars came into the event between entry fees, raffle items, and t-shirts. The money raised goes to provide new equipment, training, and food for the heroes of the community.

Seeing the dedication from the men and women who risk their lives everyday, meeting their families that often worry for the lives of their loved ones, and also interacting with other members of the community offer a uniqueness to an event such as this. Developing a personal feeling and an inborn fondness to those who help and save people who do not know them and rarely appreciate the work they perform creates an overwhelming sense of pride for the community.

Kids laughed, strangers grew to friends, and ordinary men and women recognized as extraordinary heroes all from a single benefit. Participating and giving to benefits and fundraiser such as this allow for the safety of the community to grow. Donating a few dollars for a t-shirt or raffle ticket create a large difference in the everyday lives of the people who fight for, die for, and save people on a daily basis.

Remember to thank firemen, policemen, paramedics, and servicemen. Their lives forever protect everyone.

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