First Baptist Church Revival: An Event to Always Remember

Keegan Brent, Writer

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Sunday morning, September 26th, First Baptist Church of Porter began 4 days of revival, with guest evangelist, Tim Williams. Church members celebrated joyfully for the many decisions made during the event.

Williams began his message Sunday morning, addressing the youth, 7th to 12th grade, students during their 9:15 a.m. Sunday School gathering. These youth witnessed the revival beginnings as two students came forward, proclaiming salvation and seeking to join the church through baptism. “Awesome,” Brandi Smith, mother of two youth students, said, “Just awesome!”

As the regular 10:30 a.m. service began, Williams presented the first of his 5 sermon messages. Before the end of the first sermon, 12 more people came forward, testifying salvation, preparing for baptism into the church. “He just presents the gospel in such a clear way,” church member Teresa Brent said.

The atmosphere intensified in the 6:30 evening service, as the congregation began praying blessing over the revival’s remaining days. “It was awesome to just end a service with the entire church faithfully abiding in the Lord,” Kyle Conn, a guitarist for the church’s praise band, said.

Wednesday, the final night, Williams once again, addressed the churches youth, along with several younger children, one hour prior to the 7:00 service. Afterward, the students enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs, joining in fellowship to celebrate revival’s impact. “We got to see a bunch of new faces,” DJ Smith, co-head of the church’s video broadcast ministry, said.

At the revival’s end, the congregation rejoiced in the enlightenment brought through Williams’ message, celebrating more than 50 decisions from people accepting salvation!

A beautiful experience for everyone who attended!

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