New Caney Alive!: Bringing UNITY Back Into the Community

Lisa Mathis, Reporter

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In modern American society, people are constantly rushing around, attempting to fulfill their duties in daily routines. Following custom tradition by enjoying peaceful meals together is becoming rare for some families. Community members attending New Caney Alive!, sponsored by local churches and ministries affiliated with Heaven’s Army, along with help from several companies and the local fire departments, will experience an exciting, family-friendly event, giving local residents a useful opportunity for meeting other community members while spending precious time with the whole family!

Hosted outdoors at Keefer Crossing Middle School on Friday, February 25th, and Saturday, 26th, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., this special, non-profit event holds many activities capturing people’s interest from all ages. Welcoming all children, inflatable moonwalks will give them a place to joyously play with other kids in the community. Also, an available artist will provide everyone free beautiful face-paintings! Other furnished activities will keep children entertained the entire time!

Talented community actors and actresses will marvelously perform a drama for New Caney Alive attendees! For those who love music, local Christian-based bands will perform their guitars and drums, and sweet vocalists will sing into the audience’s hearts, who may freely dance and sing along with the music.

“We are hoping to bring in the PHS and NCHS dance teams later on so we can really put the unity in our community. That is what this is all about,” says founder of Heaven’s Army, LaNora Purvis. “This is our first outreach, so we’re praying for success so we can continue doing this in the future,” she adds.

Since this event strives for unity, everyone has a relaxing time and hears member’s testimonies sharing their life stories, bringing everyone together both physically and emotionally.

Impacting everyone as possible, the sponsors have worked together with local businesses, bringing great food for every hungry visitor; not only serving attendants samples, but also giving the needy grocery bags. Along with food from local restaurants, Plato’s Closet, known for buying and selling top name-brand clothing items, will donate some of their stock to this event so that some lucky people will receive free shirts, jeans, shorts, and other name brand items such as Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Levi’s, Forever 21, and more!

“We’re trying to get [as much of] the community involved [as possible] for the next event: more businesses, more restaurants… and everything’s free!” Purvis said. “This helps businesses through free advertising. We promote them, and anyone that supports us.”

Gather the whole family, come have a wonderful time, and help “bring the UNITY back into the community!”

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