Help From Heaven’s Army

Devon Howard, Reporter

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Heaven’s Army of Resources & Recreation, also known as HARRC, is a New Caney non-profit organization whose goal is aiding and assisting needy people in the community, regardless of their income level.

In the spirit of loving and helping others, HARRC was formed by LaNora Puruis in June 2010, and has successfully served the New Caney area by offering numerous services to indigents. These services include: “counseling, a food pantry, tutoring, dance, and karate classes,” Nora explained. Along with these services, HARRC offers multiple support groups, including teen parenting, addiction, and sexual abuse, helping people overcome emotional difficulties and bad habits.

With a love for all people, HARRC assists many people in the Spanish community, aspiring and hoping for a better quality of life. Providing bible studies translated into Spanish. and conducting ESL classes increase opportunities for immigrants in the area.

A model of excellence, what distinguishes HARRC from other similar organizations is their services are offered to anyone regardless of income level, as long as each person attends a weekly bible study session. LaNora believes trust in the Lord is critical for a person or family to overcome a difficult life.

HARRC, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit group, receives no grants from the state of Texas or the federal government, and everyone performs volunteer work in the organization. Providing excellent services and much needed aid, the group administers help from donations and a group of people willing to donate their time to help others.

HARRC is always looking for volunteers to help them run their tremendous programs. Anyone can visit and offer suggestions for work. HARRC works with everyone to find a program that fits a person’s interest.

The HARRC website reports that it recently teamed with “P’Knocks World Explore to help in the fight against gangs, violence, drugs, and childhood obesity, and to stress the importance of education, safety, and positive fun.” On November 19th, the HARRC had a Date Nite at the New Caney Fire Department. This night was a fundraiser for the HARRC, and the price of admission was donations, food, toiletries, and toys.

On December 4th, the EMC is having a parade including HARRC. The goal of HARRC is to have a float that “puts Christ back in Christmas,” LaNora said. The float helps spread the word about HARRC, and to promote how the center assists needy individuals.

HARRC’s is located at 20195 FM 1485 West, Ste. A & B, New Caney, Texas. They are open Monday to Saturday, but Wednesday is reserved for guest speakers. Visiting this organization anytime, their staff welcomes anyone willing to help their mission. Like guardian angels, they help needy people in the New Caney area.

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