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SAT/ACT Exam Information

November 5, 2010

Q: How can a student prepare for the SAT or ACT exam to earn a high score? A: Several SAT and ACT study guides are available which have practice questions and sample exams. Most libraries carry these titles or you can purchase...

Homecoming Dance

October 13, 2010

Q: I was wondering when information is going to be distributed about homecoming. I have been checking the website, and it only says the day and time, but nothing about it. Can I get some information about it, please? A: The...

Student Online Connection

September 28, 2010

Q: I was wondering about all the fuss over accessing student grades at home. When or how you can do so? A: This year, NCISD purchased ESchool which has more functionality than the previous software. Like most new computer software,...

Teacher Loves Eagle Times!

September 26, 2010

Q: I was finally able to make time to read the Eagle Times, and I'm VERY impressed with the professional look, the timely and interesting articles, and the depth of thought evident throughout. I would like to thank the reporters,...

Stunt Shows!

September 26, 2010

Q:  I am a stunt person who puts on live shows with me and my friends doing stunts and pranks.  I am a professional, will supervise the others involved, and we ask that you would show or broadcast some photos and videos of...

Cell Phones

September 18, 2010

Q: Please explain the new cell phone policy at New Caney High School. A: For school year 2010-2011, students are allowed to have cell phones in their possession and use them outside their classrooms. However, if a student takes...

New Classes

September 18, 2010

Q: I would like to suggest a new class for next year. Who do I speak to about this idea? A: Talk with the counselors and Mrs. Hoisington, who is the Dean of Instruction. They will discuss with you the possibility of offering...

I.D. Badges

September 18, 2010

Q: How come students  must wear I.D. badges this year? A: NCISD  always reviews its policy regarding student dress code each year. The decision to require student I.D. badges, and teacher and administrator I.D. badges,...

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