BFG–Teaching a Moral Lesson

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BFG–Teaching a Moral Lesson

Brianna Dees, Writer

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The BFG (the big friendly giant), presents a family friendly movie filled with fantasy and adventure. Released in June of 2016, around 87% of people enjoyed it. Audiences will never tire watching this outstanding movie.

This movie, about a 10 year old girl named Sophie and the BFG, has won a Heartland Film award for “Truly Moving Picture”. The movie, about the little girl who lives in a orphanage that stumbled upon the BFG, has a touching display about true colors and looking below the surface.

Sophie soon realizes that the 24-foot behemoth shows gentleness and charm. As their friendship grows, Sophie’s presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, and other giants.

After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Victoria to help them eliminate all the dangerous giants once and for all. Before released as a movie, the BFG first came out as a book by Roald Dahl. First published in 1982, the book reveals the dream-of catching Big Friendly Giant and young orphan Sophie, and Dahl dedicated it to his daughter

Mark Rylance (The BFG), an English actor, theatre director, and playwright, held the title of The First Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe in London, between 1995 and 2005.

At the end of this movie when they go to find “Queen Victoria”, she sends some military soldiers to go with the BFG to Giant country to find all of the other giants and remove them from civilization with their least favorite food “snozzcumber”.  Afterwards, the group stayed on an island in the middle of nowhere

This movie has an outstanding moral, teaching that people should never judge from what they see on the outside and to focus on the inside.

A good fantasy adventure and a little comedy sprinkled in it,  BFG stands as a splendid movie for every member of a family to enjoy.





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